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Revolutionize Your Manufacturing Operations with Computer Vision

Our cutting-edge computer vision solutions streamline your operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs.

Manufacturing sector is an exciting industry to be a part of but even those enjoying growth will face their fair share of challenges. Fully automate your product assembly & production processes to prevent defects & production losses. With our AI-based video analytics tool, prevent machinery malfunctions, supply shortages, human error and other management issues. With agile CCTV and drone cameras using computer vision, harness the power of artificial intelligence to analyse & monitor your facility remotely in real-time. AI in manufacturing impacts product quality & ensures profits.

How Will It Help?

  • Ensure higher levels of quality control on the production assembly line, process analytical data & make data-driven quick decisions.
  • Get real-time, instant & accurate alerts on fire detection, intrusion detection, missing PPE & safety gear & employee time spent on equipment.
  • Run facial recognition and access control in restricted areas, automatic packet counting, dock utilization.
  • Run quality checks, yard management, obstructions, overloading and mishandling of goods and machinery.
  • Get real-time insights, cut downtime, predictive maintenance, detect process condition variation.
  • Maintain consistent product quality, increase productivity and reduce man hours and dependency.

Manufacturing Tool Kit

Utilize state-of-the-art computer vision at your place of business.
Our software is available to assist you with PPE usage, emergency controls, vehicle control or safety.

   Alert Analytics

  • Supply chain optimization
  • Improve warehouse product flow and restocking
  • Accelerate root cause analysis
  • Identify and eliminate bottlenecks in manufacturing systems
Alert Analytics

   Compliance Tracking

  • Increase productivity and reduce errors
  • Securely store critical data with access control
  • Provide multi-level security features such as tiered access & user restrictions to ensure critical data safety
  • Remove ambiguity from compliance-related activities and reduce errors

   Personal Protective Equipment

  • Real time PPE detection and alert system
  • Security based event categorization
  • Safety and reassurance in a hazardous setting
  • Reduce corporate liabilities
Personal Protective Equipment
Accuracy Check

   Accuracy Check

  • Performance transparency and accuracy measurements
  • View alert type and facility accuracy rates
  • Precision in quality control
  • Boost productivity and profitability

   Defect Detection

  • Automated visual inspection for production line
  • Kitting error detection and missing part alerts
  • Real-time scratch/dent/crack detection and liquid level analysis
  • Prevent reputational damage

   Emergency Controls

  • Timely detection of worker safety risks
  • Fire, smoke, intrusion and pilferage alerts in real-time
  • AI powered drone cameras for hard-to-reach areas
  • Detect leakage and manufacturing hazard

   Automatic Number-Plate Recognition

  • Recognition based access control
  • Automated parking access for corporate or employee vehicles
  • Law enforcement on vehicles violating the pre-set conditions
  • 24/7 monitoring and real-time alert system
Access Control

   Access Control

  • Access control in critical areas
  • Limit occupational exposures through time restrictions
  • Periphery monitoring through intrusion & animal detection
  • Vehicle monitoring through ANPR
  • Track movement of people and objects

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