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Leveraging ScanSmart Across Industries and Use Cases

Truck Lifecycle Monitoring

Real-time analysis of crucial metrics and operational factors, empowering you to optimize efficiency, streamline processes, and enhance performance.

Invoice Processing

Automate data extraction from invoices, including vendor details, line items, and totals, streamlining your accounts payable process.

Data Entry Automation

Eliminate manual data entry by accurately capturing and populating data from documents into your accounting or ERP systems.

Contract Management

Extract relevant information from contracts, such as key terms, dates, and parties involved, enabling efficient contract management and compliance.

Ticket Management

Automatically capture details from tickets, such as customer information, issue description, and ticket numbers, improving response times and customer service.

Document Interpretation

Extract text and data from various documents, such as forms, receipts, and agreements, enabling quick interpretation and analysis.

Working Process

How It Works


Capture and Upload

Using the ScanSmart app, simply capture an image of the document you want to process. This can be done by taking a photo with your smartphone or uploading an existing digital file.


Intelligent OCR Analysis

ScanSmart employs advanced OCR technology to analyze the document and extract relevant data. It accurately recognizes and converts text into editable and searchable digital formats.


Data Extraction and Workflow Automation

ScanSmart automatically extracts the required information and populates it into the database in real-time. It also triggers automated workflows, alerts, or tasks based on predefined rules or criteria.

Benefits of ScanSmart

Boost Efficiency and Streamline Document Management


Reduce manual effort and freeing up valuable time for more strategic tasks


Leverage accurate from documents, empowering data-driven decision-making


Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements & maintain accurate records

Cost Savings

Reduce manual data entry, minimize errors & eliminate paper-based document storage

Improved Accuracy

Reduce errors associated with manual data entry & minimize financial discrepancies


Handle large volumes of documents, to scale without compromising accuracy

Experience the power of ScanSmart OCR and transform your document management workflows into efficient, accurate, and automated processes.

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