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A Clear Future Visibility:
Revolutionizing Traffic Management through Computer Vision

AI-based video analytics is converting the traditional systems of transport management in to advanced intelligent traffic and parking management systems. Migrate to more sophisticated technologies by deploying smart camera for traffic control, toll plaza and parking management for automation in traffic and parking systems. Deploy features like speeding detection, automatic number plate recognition, automated ticketing, vehicle counting, illegal parking alert, red light violation detection, smart vehicle routing, blind spot analysis, automated parking spot status, security and visitor management and demand-based parking pricing. This is one of the most in-demand AI solutions for smart cities and traffic automation system.


How Will It Help?

  • Artificial Intelligence based integrated roadways network based on smart systems and IoT improve road safety, reduce delays in traffic, make driving safer, are efficient & in-line with government objectives
  • Smart traffic solutions with features like AI-enabled CCTV cameras to capture law violation, and automated number plate recognition to generate e-challans facilitate a convenient, smooth & safer road experience for drivers
  • AI Vision-based algorithms analyze real-time parking status and the Intelligent parking management system works on constant real-time data collection to make the process of car parking more efficient & less complex.

From Safer Roads to Automated Parking:
Transforming the Way We Move through Vision

Computer vision technology has the potential to transform the way we manage traffic and parking, making the processes more efficient, safe, and sustainable. As cities become more populated and traffic congestion continues to increase, computer vision-based solutions will become increasingly important in managing the flow of people and vehicles.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

  • Automated ticketing for traffic rules violation
  • Parking management through occupancy analysis
  • Real-time traffic analytics
  • Automated vehicle identification and registration
ANPR traffic
smart traffic

Smart Traffic Management

  • Identify congestion in real-time
  • Incident detection such as accidents, debris, or traffic incidents
  • Relay to emergency responders and traffic management centres
  • Integrate with traffic control centres to adjust traffic signals

Parking Management

  • Help drivers find available parking spots quickly
  • Demand-based parking pricing
  • Monitor parking activities and real-time status
  • Prevent violations such as unauthorized or double parking
parking management
Intelligent transportation

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

  • Analyse traffic patterns and optimize traffic flow
  • Regulate traffic signals, manage toll booths and parking
  • Real-time information about traffic conditions
  • Optimize traffic light timings

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