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Seeing Education in a New Light: Innovating Schools and Learning through Vision

From Personalized Learning to Enhanced Safety: Computer Vision is Revolutionizing the Future of Education

AI is an important driver to bring change in the education sector & optimize the academic procedures. Artificial intelligence has potential solutions like tracking student engagement, student behaviour analysis and teacher/instructor efficiency to not just improve teaching methods but also create customized course material as per an individual’s understanding capability. Computer vision applications in the EdTech sector include vision-based methods to enhance the detection ability, analysis and response to different engagement and understanding levels of students. AI can now assess students’ learning & teacher’s performance to maximize academic output with the help of constant student monitoring and eliminating human based surveillance, safety of students and customized learning experience.

Schools & Educational Institutes

How Will It Help?

  • Analyse student behaviour, posture, eye movement and facial expressions to assess engagement level.
  • Detect any suspicious activity like loitering, intrusion, unattended objects, or any anomalies in real-time & get instant alerts to keep your students & staff safe.
  • Get facial recognition based automated student and staff attendance, monitor traffic flow, detect parking lot occupancy and detect prohibited objects like weapons, drugs or valuables.
  • Use deep learning algorithms for crowd monitoring to analyse social distancing & mask detection to ensure compliance with COVID-19 norms.

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