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Building the Future, One Image at a Time: Computer Vision Creating Smarter Cities

From Traffic Management to Public Safety: Revolutionizing Urban Planning and Design

Despite the obvious benefits of smart cities, plenty of challenges stand in the way of urban digital transformation. Modern advancements in urbanization & a rising dependence on transport have led to an increase in the number of vehicles on the roads, which harm the quality of life. The future of smart cities is optimistic as local governments have begun to rely on AI-based smart city solutions to deal with these issues. AI-based video analytics is converting the traditional systems of transport management into Advanced Intelligent Traffic and Parking Management Systems. The promise of smart cities includes so many components to consider like smart roads, smart transport, smart governance, smart healthcare, smart security, smart buildings, and smart infrastructure. Address the challenges through a combination of technological innovation and collaboration between public organizations and private enterprises. Our Smart City solutions are focused to develop cities of the future that promote economic development, improve infrastructure & environment, and digitally optimize public assets.

Smart City

How Will It Help?

  • Manage traffic flow, optimize utility operations, and develop automated services for the civilians. Get IoT based intelligent traffic lights for faster & smoother traffic flow. Generate actionable data.
  • ANPR cameras can capture traffic law violation. Generate e-challans, and get vehicle detection in case of hit & run accident cases & spot stolen vehicles through AI based surveillance system.
  • Automated vehicle access control through vehicle identification for faster vehicle flow. Get real-time data about parking occupancy for an efficient & effective parking management.
  • Get real-time data on the number & type of vehicles passing through tolls. Monitor damaged roads in real-time for quick actions & road safety.

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