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Warehouse management is getting complex & demanding constantly. From daily accidents & delaying or returning deliveries due to human error to redundant tasks & dependencies costing… Read More


Manufacturing sector is an exciting industry to be a part of but even those enjoying growth will face their fair share of challenges. Fully automate your product assembly & production… Read More


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Healthcare is the most sensitive industry directly connected to us in every possible way and requires immediate attention to address the challenges. Hospital management today is struggling… Read More

Smart City

Despite the obvious benefits of smart cities, plenty of challenges stand in the way of urban digital transformation. Modern advancements in urbanization & a rising dependence on… Read More

computer vision for retail sector


The retail industry is rapidly changing and facing new business challenges. With computer vision solutions, new world has largely changed market dynamics and customer behaviour. Unforeseen events & lifestyle changes… Read More

Schools & Educational Institutes

AI is an important driver to bring change in the education sector & optimize the academic procedures. Artificial intelligence has potential solutions like tracking student engagement, student… Read More

computer vision solutions for sports


Computer Vision solutions are extensively being used in sports to strategize, train, advertise & do much more. AI is making a smarter world for sportsmen, advertisers, and broadcasters with real-time data… Read More


Pharmaceutical manufacturers deal with big & complex equipment that is difficult to maintain manually. In today’s competitive market, improving pharmaceutical supply chain performance is critical… Read More

breakage detection using computer vision solutions

Food Industry

F&B industry faces various challenges on a day-to-day basis in eliminating food waste, optimizing the supply chain, and enhancing food logistics and safety. Food industry is highly competitive… Read More