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Computer vision in transportation industry is transforming the way the industry operates, providing real-time insights, and improving overall efficiency in air freight and logistics, airlines, marine, trucking, road and rail, and transportation infrastructure on the whole. The rise of e-commerce has increased the demand for efficient and reliable logistics services, leading companies to leverage advanced technologies like computer vision and AI to overcome a range of challenges. By using computer vision and AI for transportation, logistics companies can optimize routes, minimize costs, and ensure compliance with regulations. Advanced solutions like automated vehicle number plate recognition, intelligent transportation systems, and smart logistics have also been made possible through computer vision technology. Assert AI’s computer vision algorithms enable real-time monitoring, tracking, and reduce manual labor-intensive tasks to increase throughput, making it a game-changer for the logistics industry.

How Will It Help?

  • Integrate video analytics algorithms to your existing CCTV cameras, to recognize and track objects and receive real-time alerts for deviations.
  • Automatically identify barcodes and SKU to monitor inventory movement, improve efficiency and accuracy by enabling automated picking, packing, and sorting of goods.
  • Monitor employees using facial recognition, detect safety hazards like fire and intrusions, and ensure PPE compliance.
  • Automate number plate reading for vehicle detection, gain real-time insights on utilization of trucks, forklifts and docks.

Logistics Optimization Platform

Streamline your transportation operations with our AI-powered logistics platform. Our computer vision technology provides real-time visibility and tracking of shipments, optimized route planning to reduce delivery time and costs, and compliance with regulations. With advanced machine learning algorithms, our solution helps you reduce errors, increase throughput and improve performance. Our predictive maintenance feature minimizes equipment downtime, keeping your operations running smoothly. We integrate seamlessly with your existing systems, ensuring a hassle-free transition to our platform. Explore how our AI-powered computer vision in transportation industry can help streamline your operations and drive business growth.


Vehicle Monitoring

  • Gate Access Control
  • Volumetric Analysis
  • Truck Turn Around Time
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Preventive Maintenance

Personnel Utilization

  • Attendance and Personnel Performance
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Detection
  • Ergonomics and Posture Monitoring
  • Task Scheduling and Allotment
  • Access Control in Restricted Areas

Yard Management

  • Monitor Movement & Track Location
  • Track Loading and Unloading
  • Monitor Material Handling
  • Detect Congestion and Inefficiencies
  • Optimize Yard Usage & Improve Dock Utilization

Forklift Utilization

  • Collision Avoidance through Proximity Alert
  • Pallet Count for Load Optimization
  • Analyze CBM Moved
  • Obstruction Detection
  • Preventive Maintenance

Intrusion Detection

  • Perimeter Monitoring
  • Shutter Open/Shut Alert
  • Motion Detection
  • Suspicious Activity Detection
  • Virtual Boundary to Define Restricted Zones

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