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The Power of Vision: Changing the Game in Sports

The Impact of Computer Vision on Sports Performance and Analysis

Computer Vision is extensively being used in sports to strategize, train, advertise & do much more. AI is making a smarter world for sportsmen, advertisers, and broadcasters with real-time data. The sports industry uses statistics & data analytics to measure & quantify. There has been a positive impact brought by the precision of technology into sports and will continue to flourish in this domain. The role of AI in sports forecasting and improved decision-making is one of the top applications of modern technology. With AI in sports applications, sports organizations use the generated data to improve every area of their operations. From player recruitment and performance to ticket sales, predictive analytics can help make strategic changes that impact every area of sports organizations.

How Will It Help?


  • Improve the techniques of players with real-time feedback and personalized training programs for players. AI cameras can help in recording performance metrics of the players that help players to understand the areas where they need improvement.
  • Machine learning helps in strategic decisions making by coaches. AI referee can help make big decisions that affect the outcome of games. With AI referee metrics can be judged more accurately, the margin of error would be less, and controversies would be hugely reduced.
  • Game broadcasting with AI-based cameras have an impact on the way the audience experience sports. AI provides better information and statistics to commentators, helping them run better live commentary.
  • Facial recognition for automatic check-in ensures fast and smooth entry to stadiums. The sensors can accurately detect & make instant alerts in case of intrusion, weapon detection, anomaly incident, or even any dangerous event like fire making the audience, players & infrastructure safe.